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45A Winding Spiral Wrapper


Avvolgipack 45A

The 45A is an horizontal stretchwrapping machine equipped with:

  1. motorized conveyor belts on in-feed and out-feed of width 350 mm
  2. pneumatic top pressure unit rollers covered with Para rubber no stain, on in-feed and out-feed
  3. clamping pliers unit for cutting and hot welding of the film tail (standard)
  4. spool holder quick release system and double mechanical clutch
  5. inverter to adjust both speed of conveyor belts /wrapping
  6. side safety-protections

Supplied of a PLC with a panel board in order to set the following functions:

  • wrapping programs: continuous / beginning and end product/ distance wrapping
  • carriage product speed
  • rotation ring speed
  • position of beginning and end wrapping
  • number of turns at the beginning and the end of wrapping cycle
  • parameter of ?welding-machine?
  • language

PLC provided of Digital Memory (standard): to save on 10 memory sheet the different kind of working programs for several products.

  • Conveying surface: Conveyor belt
  • Width of the conveying surface (mm): 350
  • Film thickness reel (min-max in my): 15-35
  • Max Reel diameter (mm): 230
  • Carton core's internal diameter (mm): 76
  • Film width (min-max in mm): 125-250
  • Ring rotation speed (rpm): 190
  • Conveyor beit speed (min-max mt/min): 25-37
  • Start machine: Automatic with photocell

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