AVM 350H

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AVM 350 H

The AVM 350 H is designed to make bags with a width of up to 350 mm and a volume of up to 10 liters from Polypropylene and laminates. Capable of producing 60 bags /min with a max weight of 1500g this machine is ideal for Bakery, Cheese, Coffee & Tea, Fish, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Meat & Poultry, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food.

Options for AVM 350

  • Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Dust collector
  • Product catching plates
  • Air press device
  • Support table for packaging bags over 1,5Kg
  • Perforation system
  • Bar coding, printing and labeling
  • Encoder wheel on film transport
  • Stainless steel wash down construction (IP 65)
  • Servo driven horizontal seal bars
  • Servo driven film transport
  • Inverter controlled roller system quick and easy change of film reels
  • Inverter controlled motor for film roll unwinding
  • Automatic web tracking
  • 60 degrees inclined machine
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Multiple vertical stroke

Packaging styles:

  • Pillow bag
  • Block bottom bag
  • Gusseted bag